Friday, 5 August 2016

VONBRIGÐI - Kakófónia 1983

We get a bit darker and wavier now with this combo from the far north of Europe, into the land of geysers, ice, unspoiled landscapes and snow: Vonbrigði from Reykjavík, The band was founded in 1980 by brothers Árni (guitar) and Þórarinn Kristjánsson (drums) and Gunnar E. Knudsen (bass). Shortly thereafter, singer Jóhann Vilhjálmsson came to. The band lasted until 1983. During this time they released two platten, the debut record Vonbrigði and the mini-album Kakófónía. This on Gramm records has seven so called post-punk goodies in luggage and I can't write more because I'm so fuckin' hungry and I need a damn good breakfast but it remains to be said, this is an excellent record! Now I will leave home to get a delicious goodie... enjoy the weekend and stay wild!

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