Monday, 2 May 2016

V/A - Feel Lucky Skunk?! 1997

Long announced by me, now finally here. A visit to our dutch neighbors where we find this excellent compilation with ultra rare kbd punkrock of the early days.... as always. Twenty-two crackers from seventeen bands, onec again a nice colored artwork with info-sheet inside and orange vinyl, not common for a bootlegI really have to say that I liked those records and it is really worth to make the purchase regardless of losses, assuming you like dutch punk rock, in this caseThe original 7 inches nowadays difficult to obtain and then so fuckin' expensive blablabla.... you know what I'm talking about. Enough words, from my collection, all scans, have fun!

1.Another Subculture Going Bad - IVY GREEN
3.Luns - DE STRAKS
4.Eet U Smakelijk - DE STRAKS
5.Duty - BVD
6.Teenage Depression - PRIME MINISTERS
7.The System - LULLABIES
8.Looking For A Job - VULTURES
9.Van Agt - RAKKETAX
10.We're So Glad Elvis Is Dead - THE TITS
11.Sunday Fools - NOXIOUS
12.Vieze Katholieken - DE STRAKS
13.Koningin - DE STRAKS
14.Ain't No Hooker - GOD'S HEART ATTACK
15.Stupid Americans - THE EX
16.Working Girl - BVD
17.Dead Entertainment - THE VOPO'S
18.Zwolle - THE VOPO'S
19.You Say - NIXE
20.Don't Come To Earth - OBSESSIONS
21.Run To The Station - COITUS INT.

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