Saturday, 30 April 2016

V/A - Brainkiller 1999

Pooh...what a soccer match against Darmstadt but in the end a deserved victory and important three points against relegation. - Last post today brings us to the States and this compltaion is a further nugget of excellent kbd stuff. Smashers from rare 7Inches which move my ass and this piece is one of my favourite record. All infos inside, perfect artwork (very colorful) and no failure. So I would do it as well. At the end of the record the underdogs from Spain there, perhaps a tribute to the Oi! 4 album. So let's kill brains with Lost Punk Hits From The Americas 1977-1982. Enjoy!

1.Radiation Sickness - CINECYDE
3.Frustration - CRIME
4.Hollywood Square - HOLLYWOOD SQUARES
5.Be On Top - SYMPTOMS
6.Be A Zombie - LOS REACTORS
7.Memory - SUBURBS
8.The Things That You Do - BOB
9.Asshole - ED DAVIS BAND
10.Magnetic Heart - VS.
11.Bongo Congo - TANKS
12.(White) Christmas - REIND DEARS
13.She Got Fucked - JIM BASNIGHT
14.1978 - THE GIZMOS
15.Piece O' Shit - THE MUTANTS
16.Cannibals - UNITS
17.Confidentialy Renee - THE CLOCKS
18.Destruye - FAMILIA REAL

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