Wednesday, 4 May 2016

V/A - Powerpoppers Vol.1 2001

So my weekends starts now and it's time for more excellent stuff: On The Run Records released this unoffical compilation with fourteen rare PowerPop goodies at the beginning of the new millennium. Healthy mix of melodic mid-tempo and slower tracks (focused linguistically about love), a few records are post here before so use the serach function for them. Again nice colored artwork with all the information you need on the back cover. This is Volume 1 but I don't know if there's a second one, maybe you more?

1.The Pop Song - O21
2.I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape - TEENAGE FILMSTARS
3.What I Want - THE DONKEYS
4.Toutes Les Nuits - LES CALAMITÉS
5.Hurt Me Babe - THE BOYS
6.Can't Believe Its True - THE V.I.P.'s
7.I Can't Resist - THE REACTION
8.Is Somebody There - SPEEDBALL
9.Keep In Touch - LOW NUMBERS
10.Edge Of My Nerves - WEEKEND
11.Wasting Time - STRANGEWAYS
12.Can't Get Over You - THE QUESTIONS
13.Stolen Love - ADVERTISING
14.No Good For Me - THE CLERKS

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