Saturday, 2 April 2016

WIZO - Für'n Arsch 1991

Wizo is a punk rock band from Sindelfingen, Germany. The band was formed in 1985. Their messages run from political to humorous, and they are strongly opposed to nazism, racism and "all of that crap". They split up in March 2005 and reunited in November 2009. In 1991 the first album "Für'n Arsch" (familiar for "To No Avail", lit. for "for the ass") was released on Hulk Räckorz and it has been censored later because the prosecutor had a problem with the song 'Kein Gerede', it was too offense. Hmm, I think it's nothing wrong with that but who can see in the small brains of the official assholes. Wizo sung in german & english and this is a brilliant debut punk album and long sold out... here's your last chance.

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