Sunday, 3 April 2016

V/A - Bloodstains Across The UK 2 1997

With this Bloodstains compilation all four parts of the UK section are here now represented and # 2 has not sixteen goodies (as the front says) on it, we have eighteen rare lost nuggets, why is this so explains a little info-blättchen inside. I'm a little k.o. now because yesterday was a nice afternoon with lots of alcohol in me + far too many cigarettes. Therefore briefly looked and right out enjoying the sun. You know what you get with this record so more words are superfluously. Enjoy this Sunday!

1.Easy - BEEZ
2.Into The 80's - THE NOW
3.Blank Generation - XTRAVERTS
4.Kafkaesque - DISCO STUDENTS
5.I'm In Love - THE ZIPS
6.The Leader Of Rebellion - THE REBELS
7.The Only Sound - DANSETTE DAMAGE
8.Running Wild - UNTAMED YOUTH
10.Traffic Lights - ANTISOCIAL
11.Tell Me What Ya Mean - ACCIDENT ON EAST LANCS
12.Geographical Problems - VARICOSE VEINS
13.Sacred Voices - RED LETTERS
14.Bombs - MAG/SPYS
15.Blood On The Wall - SOME CHICKEN
16.We're Not Gonna Take It - REVENGE
17.Fatal Attraction - THE DREGS
18.Prison Girl - VICE SQUAD

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