Monday, 4 April 2016

V/A - A Farewell To Arms 1986

Original released on Selfish Records, re-released by the German label Nuclear Blast in 1988 goes this compilation powerful to the point. Finest Japan hardcore plus the half high quality metal punk, and as well is the sound. Kick off with Lipcream and Outo, songs which barely reach the two minute mark, following by two decent mid-tempo numbers from Gastunk (The Eyes is a killer!), then Gauze with four puke on your face numbers. Ghoul shine with some heavy pounding metal sound and last but not least, The Execute with two more dirty raw punkrock hits. Overall, a fantastic platte with a nice title and cool music, a real Monday pleasure.   

1.Kill Ugly Pop - LIPCREAM
2.Back In The Anger - LIPCREAM
3.No Rule - LIPCREAM
4.Cops - OUTO
5.Junk - OUTO
6.Distortion Faith - OUTO
7.I Like Cola - OUTO
8.The Eyes - GASTUNK
9.Alfa In 201 - GASTUNK
10.Compliant - GAUZE
11.Pappappa - GAUZE
12.Shot - GAUZE
13.Pressing On - GAUZE
14.Judas - GHOUL
15.Jerusalem - GHOUL
16.Angel Bitch - THE EXECUTE
17.Ghost Candle - THE EXECUTE


  1. Hi, this time I'm not goint to comment on this record (which btw it's an OK Jap-HC comp!) but about the wanted/Suche list on the right, because I see the STAR CLUB EP (7"? I thought it was a 10") "Toll Gate Ahead". Well, maybe your list is only about having physical objects, but in any case sometime ago I found happily the music of that record in the tube:
    And by the way since I was able to listen to it I think it's one of their best releases.


    Fernando :)

  2. Yo Fernando, its a 10'' and thx for the tube.