Wednesday, 6 April 2016

V/A - Sjokk Rock 1980

Recorded at Høvikodden June 1980 comes this rare Mini-LP with eight live tracks from the créme de la créme of norwegian punk rock. I've been searchin' a fuckin' long time to hear this record and now contributed by Mister "classic stuff" Fredrik (Skål!). All tunes came along in an awesome sound quality and it starts with with a torpedo from Kjøtt, followed by a band called 1984 which says nothing to me but this tracks kicks arse, holy shit, next my absolute favourite band: Hærverk from Oslo and this tune is a killer like the songs from their only EP 'Stengt Pga Hærverk', I think their live tape would also great. With Blaupunkt & Oslo Børs comes again two '77 style tracks which I would have definitely taken on tape if I do one. Next, (Psykedeliske) Tystere, unknown to me and the track takes the fast pace out of here and goes a little in the rock section with a touch of small swing elements, not bad, then Babij Jar and they are ugly rockin' with a long solo guitar ala Jimi Hendrix (the worst track here) and at last a surfin' influenced track with a fuzzy guitar and a nice tempo from The Aller Værste. All in all a fantastic record which has convinced me with their fully rough & wild live sound. 

1.Flue - KJØTT 
2.Hva Faen - 1984 
3.Aj, Aj, Aj Så Leit - HÆRVERK 
4.Gul & Blå - BLAUPUNKT 
5.Fikser Du Livet Ditt - OSLO BØRS 
7.Donk-Donk - BABIJ JAR 
8.Dans Til Musikken - THE ALLER VÆRSTE

- Huge Fat Thx to Fredrik -

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