Saturday, 2 April 2016

BAD BOO BAND - Knulla I Bangkok 7'' 1979

From Hedemora in the west of Sweden came the Bad Boo Band and they started in 1979 and played a handful of gigs before they bring out their debut single called translated Fucking in Bangkok, they also have out a 12'' called 'Släck Alla Ljusen' (Extinguish All Candles) which was published in 1985 but this is not worth talking about. This 7'' is a great KBD killer and was quickly banned from all radio stations and the reason is quite obvious, haha.. - The record came out with no sleeve and is today one of the rarest swedish punk record. Knulla I Bangkok is also published on the pretty CD compilation Vägra Raggarna Benzin Vol.2 which was released by Massproduktion in 1998. So enjoy these two brilliant punkhits from the early days of Swedish punk and a must for those who were interested in what was happening around in Sweden at that time.

- Huge Thx again to Mr.Fredrik -


  1. and not to forget one of the members is today the highest police in sweden!!!!=)=)=)=)

    1. really ??? can't believe this

  2. its true i promise!!=)