Saturday, 23 April 2016

THE LANDLORDS - Songs From The Backyarddesert 2007

From the cosmopolitan city of Oberhausen come these three gentlemen and I discovered this band when my beloved girl and I visit a concert with my friends of Van Hellsing in Aachen on February 2009. It was fuckin' cold that time but the small city excursion with a stop in the cathedral from Karl dem Großen (Charlemagne) was amazing and a tasty food afterwards was fantastic. Then the gig was quite unique and I became quickly hot. Their music I would describe as dark garage Punk'n'Roll and live they burn the whole fuckin' stage, reminds a bit of the brilliant Billy & The Willies, and everyone swings their dancin' shoes. These guys are very polite, funny & likable. Aachen remains an unforgettable trip with a cracking evening we had with you, Muchas Gracias! A second album is already in the works or already released but I never seen it. Visit them on their MySpace page and if you had the chance to see them live you should go there. B.t.w., under the name V.V.L. the boys made very good gloomy GermanPunk sound. ENJOY!!


  1. same to you, and many thanks to keep on bringing those Spanish treasures as Paralisis permanente (translation: permanent palsy) cheers! (and a permanent memory for your deceased girlfriend; by the way my uncle passed away for infarct today 67 aged), so this is a bad day for my family but this is the only truth.......We will die sooner or later so enjoy your time)cheers!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that, hope you're feelin' ok. 2016 seems to be the year of death. Enjoy music, it works!