Saturday, 23 April 2016

PARÁLISIS PERMANENTE - Grabaciones Completas 81-83

Back to Spain and direct to Madrid where Parálisis Permanente at home. The band was originally formed by Eduardo (guitars) and Nacho (bass), along with their siblings Javier (vocals) and Johnny (drums) around 1981. This formation recorded an EP, later included in their 1995 compilation Singles y Primeras Grabaciones. After Javier left the band, Eduardo became the lead singer and their sound became darker. In their short time they released one album plus three 7inches, all on 3 CipresesRepresented on numerous compilations, which can be found even here. Eduardo died in a car accident in May, 1983 returning from a gig, and the band split up. So enjoy this great sound and have a nice weekend.


  1. This band I love a lot. Their sound is kind of deathrock-ish. Do you like other Spanish punks bands? One of my favs is Siniestro Total.

    1. of course, check my spanish posts