Sunday, 24 April 2016

KAOS ROCK - W.W.3 1980

Welcome to the raw, wild and psycho-o-phonic sound of this wild punk rock band from Milan. The group were formed in 1979 by Luigi Schiavone (guitar), Gianni Muciaccia (bass), Maurizio Granata (drums), Gianfranco Segatto (guitar) and Cesare Pedrotti (vocals). These restless young teenager were immediately attracted by the wind Punk Rock and also from the slums of unhealthy Lower East Side and CBGB's in New York (R.I.P.) which brings a raw and powerful sound over the ocean and they had enough from melody and romanticism shit which was characteristic of the Italian light music. So they start Kaos Rock, a musical revolution, a real electric shock. From the capital of Lombardy the band had the opportunity to get a rehearsal room and played first gigs. Eventually the Italian label Cramps Records released their debut record "WW 3" (World War 3) in 1980 and after the album two 7inches followed and shortly after its release the label unfortunately closed its doors. One of the last albums by the label are the compilation Rock'80 which Kaos Rock has two songs on it and they also featured on the awesome Killed By Death #201-D'Italia. In 1981 the very short and intense career of Kaos Rock ends. Awesome fourteen killer songs record!!!

- Special Thx to Fredrik -


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