Friday, 29 April 2016

HJERTESTOP - Vi Ses I Helvede 2008

I love denmark punk and Hjertestop had the raw snotty elements and the amazing melodies (like No Hope For The Kids or Gorilla Angreb). This is the loooong awaited debut album from the K-town heroes and of course expectations are higher than Amy Winehouse on a night out in Camden. Ten raging new hardcorepunk blasts in the vein of early 80s classic American Hardcore like Reagan Youth or D.I., but essentially it's the magnus opus of the K-town scene. They are pure perfection, packed with piss and vinegar yet fiercely catchy and memorable. A more than worthy follow up to the debut 'Vi Ses I Helvede' here are Twenty-Three minutes of pure hardcorepunk bliss. If you think Danish punk reached it's peak around 'Pære Punk', you're basically full of shit and in desperate need of psychiatric help. This record is the proof.

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