Friday, 29 April 2016

BITCH BOYS - A'Capella Schumacher EP 1981

From Stockholm comes another great punk band called the Bitch Boys and they were formed in 1978. They disbanded in 1981 after several songs. They also did some gigs and had plans for more, but due to memberproblems it all died. They reunited again in 1994 and re-recorded all the old songs again on a compilation album called "Vi Är Trötta På Att Vara Bäst". The name of the band is a parody of the Beach Boys. The band played angry & funny stuff and you can hear it quite well. A rare release and again I thank the noble contributor who sent me this little piece of vinyl. And because I'm a nice guy I packed their first 7Inch 'Häftig Fredag' from 1979 within.


  1. N I C E O N E! ! !
    didn't know relation also remember Bleach Boys from FR?