Wednesday, 9 March 2016

WIPERS - Land Of The Lost 1986

Happy Birthday my Love! I still miss you and the today posts are all dedicated to you.

Just like last year on this day, it is tradition to honor a band that has made punk rock history and their sound was always around us and the Wipers are my absolute favorite band from the States. I recommend to buy any other album without hesitation. Land Of The Lost (review) shows a new phase of the band. The songs are still strong but I miss a bit of the rough & snotty sound of the early recordings. Without doubt, the fourth album is another highlight with some energy and should be in every record collection. I guess that see some so. Also recommended Sage's two solo albums Straight Ahead and Sacrifice For Love. He played all acoustic, electric and bass guitar parts, only accompanied by a drummer. A great musician. Enjoy.

Now I have to do things I have to do today & I come back with some jewels. Watch out!


  1. Wipers are awesome! Do you have any more punk by other Northwest American bands, especially around Seattle?

  2. Let me see, I think I have a few.
    Do you look for something special?

    1. Not in particular, but I live in Seattle & I don't know much about 70's & 80's punk here. Wipers are famous, though. Ever listen to Helen Keller? Their "Surfin' With Steve And E.D. Amin' 7'' is genius.

    2. Yeah, I know this tune, it's a fucking standout.
      It's the only one I have..... to be honest, I'm not an expert of seattle punk or northwest section so I can't really help. But I recommend The Lewd or Bikini Kill, both damn good.