Tuesday, 8 March 2016

MORAL - And Life Is 1984

Just the right time to complete a lonely morning with this sound, and it's like a dream and one of my favourite SynthPop albums. Right now because I'm in the mood for, I know why .. Moral were from Århus and members are singer Hanne Winterberg, Guitarist Marco De Andreis and Keyboardplayer Ingolf Brown and what they here recorded is simply delicate. Hannes voice is so sweet and she takes you to any place in your heart. You might think I'm too romantic and yes, I am. Musically she is supported by driving minor keys and sawing guitars. Reminds me a bit of the English band Cranes which are also brilliant. Moral released their first songs on a tape called Dance Of The Dolls in 1981 and their second Whispering Sons in 1982 on Kubus Kassettes, two years later their only album on Arp Grammofon. 2007 came a sixteen song CD compilation on Karma Music out. I mean it's pity that only a few know this band and I unfortunately can't tell much about them but what I know is their music is heavenly and for me an oasis for a time-out from living. In this file are the whole album plus songs from the Whispering Sons tape. Try this.

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  1. Today is International Women's Day...nice choice!

  2. In this internaional Women's day , you made my day with this absolutely synthpop treasure.Thanks a lot and nice week

  3. Been looking for this forever. Every six months or so, I do a search. Finally, it turned up. Thanks a bunch. Was just listening to "Whispering Sons" and this will be a great follow-up.