Tuesday, 8 March 2016

SVÄTSOX - Bred In The Bone, Out In The Flesh 1984

In 1984, Svätsox made their second and final album on their home label 'Villa Zuit Moet Bluven' Records. Ruins was a little success and doesn't standing alone many years and this album has lost a bit attention in my opinion. The inescapable Dolf is again behind the knobs but the group has apparently been too influenced by new wave this time, it's kinda gothic-style and they could grow almost like tad of rock heroes. The reverb of the drums is undoubtedly mixed, the bass has little lost it's punky bite, and the songs are full with morbid echoes and I really like that sound, reminds me of the early UK post-punk wave stuff, even a trumpet has a brief appearance! - I think, this is an interesting 'romantic' album that I cannot always hear but in some moments it's okay. Svätsox broke up that same year.

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