Monday, 7 March 2016

HALLOWS EVE - Death & Insanity 1986

Before I became a punk I was with body and soul a Metalmaniac and saw a lot of good bands in the early 80s and had a lot of fun. My record collection was accordingly plenty stocked. And as Punk gets the upper hand I have given many of them away (today I would get a lot of Euros for). But a few goodies I still have and from time to time I listen to them and I will post it here. Last Sunday I ripped the second album by Hallows Eve which is in my opinion a damn cool one. Very melodic, good lyrics and with a cool sound, the guitars are not trashy, more punkier than on their debut. The singer does a good job and the songs are all very well played, my favorites: Death & Insanity, Lethal Tendencies, D.I.E. and Nobody Lives Forever, love this record. A few words about Hallows Eve: "Formed in 1983, Hallows Eve was a thrash metal band hailing from Atlanta, GA, whose first brush with notoriety came via the inclusion of their song "Metal Merchants" on the Metal Massacre #6 compilation two years later. Duly signed by the collection's parent label, Metal Blade, the group, comprised of vocalist Stacy Anderson, guitarists David Stuart and Steve "Skullator" Shoemaker, bassist Tommy Stewart, and drummer Ronny Appoldt, released their debut album Tales Of Terror, later the same year and then followed it with two more records (1986's Death & Insanity and 1988's Monument) containing competent but indistinctive thrash metal. By 1989, the band had folded but eventually re-formed in 2004 with plans to record a new, as yet unreleased, effort." (Thx to Eduardo) - Does that sound interesting?


  1. This goodie Metal is good received. Thank you very much: It will be nice to see here some metal gems from time to time as you tell us. Have a nice week

  2. nice that you like it.
    that will happen.