Wednesday, 9 March 2016

TURBOSTAAT - Vormann Leiss 2007

With the third album Turbostaat crowned the outstanding 2007 for me and whenever I hear the Flensburger I be absent, I mean, I'm there where I feel home - arrived. Anyway, since the gig in Hamburg/Rote Flora 1999, the year they founded, I am infected, Turbostaat's latest release Abalonia runs every fucking day on my turntable because it is one of the best records they made, very gloomy character I mean, well they are currently on tour in Germany and always a visit worth, numerous moments have proved this and I won't miss them if they live in my area (soon at 23.03.16 in Wiesbaden). At that time I thought the boys went commercially because the record is somehow related to Warner Bros what sucks, but the album is an increase to its predecessor and has eleven excellent songs (Harm Rochel, Insel or Schalenka Hase). Sure, it comes better if you understand German, but the music saves this litte manko. This record was on every holiday with us..... try their debut Flamingo from 2001, this blows well too.


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