Wednesday, 9 March 2016

KISSIN COUSINS - Halbtotsicher 1990

Passion, Desperation, Yearning, Fear, Love, Isolation, Hate, Insecurity, Questions, Compunction, Dizziness, Weary Of Life, Furious, Naked! - all this emotions described in ten fantastic songs by a certainly unknown band which may only know a few (even in Germany). Risqué debut record from Kissin Cousins, founded in Karlsruhe 1985 by Thorsten Neu (vox) and Thomas Weber (guitars), the rest comes from neighbouring Rheinland-Pfalz. Violin & Guitar band hopes and suffers. Loves or hate...nothing in between. I think as NotGermanUnderstandOne come the vibes not fully across which exudes the album perhaps shakes the fragile violin, the tormented vocals, the punky guitars, the catching bass and drums you through. And the cover (naked bunny) underlines all this unmistakable. Pretty top-heavy or? Haha.... Go and have yourself a beer and don't waste my time - Two other albums followed but in my opinion not as strong and emotional as HalbTotSicher. - Do with it what you want..

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