Wednesday, 9 March 2016

EA80 - Der Mord Fällt Aus (Live) 12'' 1989

Of course these men may not be absent at this 9.March. An obscure 12", recorded live in Spot/Kassel 15.11.1989, pressed in an edition of 300 copies by a fan in the late 80s. Some voices say the sound would be shit, but for a unoffical record from EA80, and I know none which appear earlier, is this a relatively acceptable sound (all five songs from their first 7Inch here, also what the fuck?). Comes with an insert what is also not usual for bootlegs and the artwork is nice too in my opinion. The 'full' concert was posted by Heinrich on his Einwegwelt blog but I know its offline... bad luck. So enjoy Mönchengladbach live and more stuff later.
Showdown/Der Mord Fällt Aus/Dinge/Marquee/Der Vamp