Wednesday, 9 March 2016

LOVE A - Bonn/Harmonie 21.10.2015

Einen hab ich noch: Fantastisches Konzert von Love A, another German Punkband which convince with brilliant lyrics and perfect sound. Runs every day in my house and has always delighted us. Enjoy this soundboard recordings and don't miss their debut record LVCDM from 2010 (there you find more info). That's it for today, here follows a long break and have a good time.

Entweder/Zaunmüllerei/Toter Winkel/Der Beste Club Der Welt/100.000 Stühle Leer/Nutzlos Glücklich/Lose Your Illusion/Too Doof To Fuck/Der Tausendste Affe/Augenringe/Atomstrom/Stagnation/Windmühlen/Trümmer/Nachbarn/Valentinstag/Originell/Brennt Alles Nieder