Sunday, 7 February 2016

IXTOC-1 - Gut Ist Was Modern Ist 12'' 1982

Founded in 1979, all puzzled year along for their band name and no one got the link through to appointment of an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, whiches burned weeks ahead. IXTOC-1 were part of the scene at the Kreuzberg KZ36 with all the ups & downs, but while many of the other KZ36 bands not musically surprised, developed IXTOC-1 as a tough core router & that time certainly the fastest-board of West-Berlin. This 12'' is partly full fast punkrock and with the great reggae/dub piece called 'Leben' is a real cracker on it, in my opinion a classic record. The band broke up in 1985 after becoming too much pop and they lost some interest. In memory they remain as one of the first and best of all Berlin Punk bands.

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