Saturday, 6 February 2016

WASTELAND - Want Not EP 1979 + Leave Me Alone 7'' 1980

Another lost punk juwel are these both 7inches and I would like to give you some info grom the great Bored Teenagers site for which I'm grateful because I myself find nothing about this outstanding band:

A rare and obscure UK punk band from outta Canterbury/Whitstable, Kent. Originally called The Infested' who even got their forth coming release advertised in the Zig Zag' independent listings but sadly the band split before the EP was released. This fooled collectors for many years and regularly appeared on "wants lists" from all around the world. After the band had split, two bands formed out of the ashes, Wasteland & The Ignerents. Ben Challis formed The Ignerents while is brother 'Tig' was the drummer in 'Wasteland'. The bands debut release was a 3-track EP and featured the excellent track Ono. The next release was a slight change in direction, Tony Tarrats left and was replaced by Becky Gale. The a-side took on a punk back drop with a more of a pop feel with Becky's vocals while the b-side is a frenzied instrumental complete with keyboards and a violin of all instruments!!! Sadly, this was the bands last release and is nearly impossible to find as only 500 copies were pressed & the band only sold 150 copies at the time. After speaking to the parents of ‘Tig Challis’ they told us that they had dumped the remaining 350 copies in the early 90s after finding them in a wardrobe during a spring clean!!

After the band had split, 'Tig' then went off to university in Sheffield. On returning back to Kent after he had graduated, ‘Tig’ was involved in a very serious motorbike accident which left him confined to a wheelchair with brain damage. He lived out the rest of his life in Spain where the weather was more suited to his live style but sadly died in 2009.

Bizarrely, his brothers band The Ignerents ended when drummer Stan Gretsch died in a car crash after taking and driving a stolen car!!!

All in all five great kbd smasher and on compilations Back To Front Vol. 3, Powerpearls Vol. 9 and Shake Some Action Vol. 8. They deserve all your attention and now I have to get ready because today it's matchday versus VfB.

- Big Thx to Fredrik -

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