Sunday, 7 February 2016

KINA - Troppo Lontano EP 1986

This is the first 7inch by Italians anarchist combo Kina, released on BluBus Records with three rough Hardcore/Punk smasher. The group was formed in December '82, the first concert in January '83. From the beginning, very active in the Italian anarchist punk circuit, they have the chance 'to play in many social centers all over Italy. In the summer of '84 takes place on the first tour in Germany swiftly followed by a second in December of the same year. In the spring of '84 Blue Bus Records was founded. The label was made up of the ideas and the money of two groups: Kina and Franti. Here comes a friendship and collaboration that lasts to this day though in different forms. "I really hope you do not just sit there and waiting to come out the next record of some other unknown group. Don't be a consumer!!! That world of faceless beings around us knows consume is everything: cars, ice cream, new faces, student movements and radical parties. They know how to market and squeeze money from everyone (and I'm not saying that we are excluded). This record (like many others released in Italy in recent years) wants to be a demonstration that may still exist freedom of speech and expression. The condition is to know how to create. No one will encourage you never to say what you think, in fact, also try to eliminate you the ability to think. Raise your head, you hear your scream as far as possible. Want to kill us, we shake hands with those around us, we are counting, let us look in the eyes, perhaps we are the last to believe that "those who are" one day win of "those who have. Do not let's allow to close the curtain." More of Kina's music here on this both compilations and feel free to get in touch while listen to this little pearl!

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