Tuesday, 16 February 2016

AQUI D'EL ROCK - Há Que Violentar O Sistema 7'' 1978 + s/t 7'' 1979

The Portuguese punk rock killer band Aqui D'el Rock started in 1977. Their first gig was in 1978 at a rock festival in Lisbon, and unsurprisingly the press described their sound as "chaotic noise". At the time, only the Swedish band LEATHER NUN had a similar sound composed of grating guitars, a fat bass, extremely punchy drums and menacing vocals. In July 1978, they opened for EDDIE & THE HOT RODS in Lisbon and released their first single; in 1979, their second single came out. "Ha Que Violentar O Sistema" was also part on the Killed By Death #41 compilation. The highlight of their sound is the guitar, which is distinct on each single and best on the second one, where it is fuzzy, fulminant, and aggressive. Check Shit-Fi for more infos and reviews about this amazing combo from south Europe.

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