Tuesday, 16 February 2016

BRÜLBÅYZ - Dödens Apostlar EP 1980

One more rare Killed By Death Stuff from Sweden. Brülbåjz with Michael Olsson on drums, Peo Ericsson on guitar, Stefan "Taggen" Johansson on vocals & Mikael Weinestad on guitar. All "true" punks. They did only one show in Falun, sometime in August 79, before breaking up. In January, Brülbåjz reformed but this time with Chips on bass, Peo on guitar, Stefan "Taggen" Johansson on vocals and Tomas Olsson on drums. Tomas had never played drums when he joined the band, but he had the right haircut and attitude. Brülbåjz played no covers, just original songs (all in Swedish). The band was actually called Brülbåjz (LLR), LLR means "Legoland Rockers" which was their first name for a couple of days but no one ever said the LLR part. In late autumn 1980 the band went to Stockholm to record their only EP with three snotty Killer punk tracks. 500 copies of the single was released on the band's own label, Prylén Records. The first 200 copies came with hand-painted letters on the front, some also came with an insert. The song 'EAP' have now been released on several compilations with rare punk tracks all over the world, and the single is quite expensive today. The photo of the burning mannequin on the sleeve was taken outside Bokassa Brothers rehearsal place. The house would later become Sator Codex rehearsal place. In December, the band broke up again, after not even one year together. The main reason for the break-up was the same old "musical differences".

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