Tuesday, 16 February 2016

THE VOPO'S - s/t EP 1980

Classic up-tempo ’77 punk wrapped in four brilliant nuggets. This is the first record (Redlux Records) of the Vopo's which was founded in Zwolle/Netherlands during 1978 and striking here is consistently the raw voice of the singer. Otherwise the songs are kept short and strum well. For me, a wonderful gem!!! Here's a short review: "Classical punk from Holland. The vocals are nice and rough, but the guitar is too clean to scrape the wax out of your ears. Not as good as their well-rounded Dead Entertainment LP." - Jeff Bale (Maximum Rock'n'Roll #2, Sep./Oct.1982) Well, I have their album and I can't confirm what Jeff criticized here because the guitars are absolutely cool. Anyway, this piece of vinyl is hard to get and that's why it's posted in this theater. They are featured on different samplers and the most important is in my opinion the 1997 bootleg Feel Lucky Skunk?! compilation. Grab and enjoy!!!


  1. I Love this record! Any chance of a re-up?

    1. of course, grab it now and maybe you like this one: