Friday, 29 January 2016

VACANT LOT - Living Underground EP 1981

This Canberra based punk band released their only record on Doublethink and offers four weird punkies and they are a bit different to the "conventional" sound I know from down under. The songs are split in two great smashers, Multinationals was used for the nasty Bloodstains Across Australia compilation, the opener of this little piece is also a tasty punk tune and the other two goes more experimental with lots of electronic parts but not bad, not such shit which I sometimes find on good records, cuts like a three minute humming or something like that, you know certainly, I have to throw up. Not here, the five stars make this musically excellent. Check them out for gigs because they're still active and enjoy this stuff. Auf Wiedersehen!



  1. Thanks for this!! If you have it can you post their "Hilton Bomber" EP (the 7" versions are different to those used on the reissue CD). Cheers, M.

  2. Sorry, don't have this one.

  3. The Hilton Bomber EP is by the Thought Criminals FYI.