Friday, 29 January 2016

YPÖ-VIIS - Hyvästi Masentava Maanantai 7'' 1980

Ypö-Viis made history in Finnish punk scene. They were the first punk band to have a self-released record out. Ypö-Viis was formed in Karhula in summer 1977. Originally the band was five-piece, but as they changed their style to new wave, the organ player and second guitarist were dropped off. The remaining trio was Miika Söderholm: bass & vocals, Mikko Holmström: guitar and Rabbe Johansson: drums. Their first record was the one-sided self-financed 'Energia On A Ja O' (200 copies) and were published in late 1978. The latter song was a cover version of the Clash's, 'London's Burning'. Followed by the 2nd single 'Mari Pogoaa' from 1979 and a contribution on the great Hilse compilation. They moved to the legendary finnish label Poko Records and in autumn 1979 the 3rd record 'Me Myytiin Itsemme' came out. In spring 1980 they made by far their best release, the single 'Hyvästi Masentava Maanantai'. The B side is sung by Räsänen. Both are catchy tunes, and everything looked good again. Ypö-Viis existed from 1977 to 1981.

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