Saturday, 30 January 2016

PINPOINT - Third State 1980

A very underrated album is the full length by Pinpoint which were formed by Arthur Billingsley (AKA Arturo Bassick) in 1978 after he left the Lurkers, compiled by David M. Allen (bass) and Hugh Griffiths (drums) and it's really a shame that this LP received not much attention at the time of its publication. So for this we are bloggers here to change that. They released overall with the album three 7inches and the most known is their debut single Richmond, all on Albion Records. This album has ten great songs on it, a perfect mixture of fast punk numbers (Blind Eyes, Dark & Red), cool synthesizer smasher (Family Life, Waking Up To Morning, Drowning In The Wave Of Life) and simply great wavie tunes (Listen To The Snow, Hospital, Third State) and a fine ballad (Somebody Told Me). This brilliant record receives my full score and belongs in every punk collection. Compilation featuring the band on Killed By Death #1010011010 and Pure British Pop For Raw People Vol.1 and there is a complete collection CD with all their recordings out which you can order here. So enjoy the 'Third State' and have a sunny time.

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