Saturday, 28 November 2015

V/A - 14 Songs For Greg Sage & The Wipers 1993

One more true gem for a band I like a lot: This is a Wipers tribute album which was originally released as a box set of four colored 7-inch records by Tim/Kerr Records in 1992. 1993 comes this CD re-release of the album, expanded to include six additional artist covers. The Wipers were a influential punk band that began in Portland, Oregon in 1977. Greg Sage lead the group to recording many "underground" albums that created a small yet humble following with their songs about hardship, pain and frustration. This is a bunch of covers of Wipers songs, as you might have guessed. All the covers are really well done and pay a positive tribute. Quality music for any Wipers maniac.

1.Potential Suicide - NAPALM BEACH
2.Astro Cloud - M99
3.Return Of The Rat - NIRVANA
4.Up Front - POISEN IDEA
5.On The Run - DHARMA BUMS
6.I Don't Know What I Am / Mystery - CRACKERBASH
7.Over The Edge - HOLE
8.Land Of The Lost - THE WHIRLESS
9.Telepathic Love - THE NATION OF ULYSSES
10.No One Wants An Alien - HONEY
11.Tragedy - HAZEL
12.Alien Boy - CALAMITY JANE
13.Soul's Tongue - SALIVA TREE
14.Pushing The Extreme - THURSTON MOORE & KEITH NEALY