Saturday, 28 November 2015

KLOTZS - m 2001

Tonight in Frankfurt again my friends from Klotzs and I'm already looking forward to a pleasant Wiedersehen. Klotzs is a band from Siegen, founded in 1995. Their music can be described as an emotional noise punk rock. Their kind of style lies in the EA80 flavour, proved by a lot of concerts with them and a common split 7Inch. After numerous 7'' + EP's (Strafraum EP), they have released their first album in 2001 via Kill Me! Records and this comes with ten noisy punk rock attacks and they form a great music, although by EA80 often reminded but they have enough autonomy to be convincing. They have talent to write complex catchy songs they have on top of that. And maybe it's just this ability which they share with EA80, and not just similar, very intense, melancholic and powerful music. In this style Klotzs friends are determined break down open doors. For me they are already in the living room with their very loud sound and impressive appearances. Great Record at least and worth every tone, so don't miss them alive!!

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