Tuesday, 13 January 2015

MONROE - Polio For The People 7'' 1978

First one for today and I start with a fantastic two-sided killer 7inch. I'm glad I found some info about this record and I can tell you this is a must have!! I post this because it was a request. From lastfm comes this: "Legendary punk-rock cult-band from the Netherlands (Vlissingen, Zeeland), fronted by singer Jaap van Boven. They only released one single (Polio For The People/Disco Fever) in 1978. The single was very controversial. Around that time there was an outbreak of polio in the orthodox-protestant community in the province of Zeeland, because they refused vaccinations because of their belief. The picture sleeve showed the band around an open grave, with Jaap taking a crap on the coffin. “Is God your Shepherd, who commands. The Wheelchair dealer rubs his hands is a classic line from the song’s lyrics. Jaap van Boven would later re-emerge in several other bands (such as Het Electric Combo) and is still active in the local music scene." And toine1962 wrote a perfect review about this rare record and I would use here and I'm thankful: "Monroe was the first punk-rock band in the Dutch province of Zeeland. Singer Jaap van Boven and his band released one single, which a lot of people considered as tasteless. Most of that had to do with the picture on the sleeve, on which he took a crap onto a coffin. In the late 70's Zeeland suffered a polio epidemic, mainly hitting orthodox protestants, who would not have their children vaccinated. Polio For The People was a protest against their way of life (...is God your shepherd who commands. The wheelchair dealer rubs his hands....). Nowadays the single is a true collector's item." I have nothing to add!, thank You!

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