Sunday, 11 January 2015


Almost no one from the Vienna punk scene at that time heard of this band. Only in the nineties acquired Arlo Stenmit & His Hammerkids a certain level of awareness with the song 'Belinda' on the international punk compilation Bloodstains Across The World #2, in their choice set and these obscure 7" (b.t.w. cool cover) were soon on the search lists of all the punk record collectors worldwide. If you listen at 'Belinda', you can understand the reason why. The song rocks!!! It sounds like a punkrock joke in the style of Johnny Moped: bad English, disguised voices, snotty dirty guitar riffs and sing along choruses which can be desribed as comedy punk. That the single was released on a commercial, otherwise dreary Pop/Rock specialized disco label, does not detract the fun too. The flip has with 'COP's Boogie' a nice instrumental tune which starts like an E.L.O. intro, awesome!!!

- Huge Thanx to Reinhard -


  1. OMG WDM, you did it again!

    This terrific single was one of the highlights from your former blog.
    Nothing but hi-octane rock´n´roll with a certain punk attitude. I really love this one - can´t imagine this was produced end of the 70s…
    Thanks a million to Reinhard for having such gems in his stock.

    Keep them coming - we all love this obscure & rare releases!

    1. HeHo RW, glad you know WildDevilRules and find me here again. Yeah, I keep postin' new and old stuff in this area so watch out for other highlights fron your country, b.t.w. wir können auch in german talken... :)

    2. Yeah, it took a while to find your blog again, but now I´m back on your track ;-P
      About german talking ("Waß i eh, oida"), but music is international and so are we. - Hope you don´t mind.
      Your blog has many non-german speaking visitors, some comments might be helpful to them…