Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Low-Fi-Synth-Punk would I describe this little record from Klinisch Sauber and behind this name stands Charly Schmid from Zurich and he's extreme angry. This is reflected in his magnificent lyrics. The increasing commercialization of the present as well as 1982 becomes here a different view. The title track denounces the stupid & wasteful consumer society which run next to us like aimless mutants and be blinded by the colorful neon signs.... buy buy buy and commercial is used only for profit related interest without consideration for people, nature, culture... a hot topic, then and now. "I am your whore, I spread my legs, always ready..." The second track is about the fuckin' war. "...they want war, they make war....against us..." Charly creates the line between fear and rejection and bangs mercilessly provocative his aggressiveness in his voice. The last song is about interpersonal relationships, cold war, east & west, unwillingness to compromise, unity. Musically accompanied Charly his chant with minimalist monotone eletrobeats which shoots after prolonged listening me into a true ecstasy. Kommerz Records, re-released 2013 in a limited edtition on Rotten Totten Records. What can I say? This record is damn cool and should be heard.

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