Saturday, 10 January 2015

CITY-X - Elektriske Svin 2004

HanseQrt, Lars Grønning and Gert Oestrich were with City-X one of the early '80s most memorable Danish punk bands. They borrowed fire from bands like the Sex Pistols and The Clash, and carried the torch forward at the Copenhagen stone bridge. The nubile boys pointed mocking fingers at those in power with chants like "Police/Military" and "Mutual Dependence." The rebellious texts were part of the group's activist involvement in future youth - they were always with their audience on the barricades before and after the concerts. This is a collection of City X's provocative and aggressive punk songs were compiled in 2001 in Electrical pigs, and the band has recently played protest concert in connection with the demolition of the Youth Center. With City-X, you can experience the atmosphere of 80's punk and squatter scene and get an idea of why the message is still relevant. 29 great early 80's danish material ran from catchy hook laden punk to fast powerful hardcore.

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