Saturday, 10 January 2015

THE END - Snutdjävlar 7'' 1979

The End was a Swedish punk band from Mora and was formed in 1978 by drummer Patrik Gustavsson and guitarist Ingemar Sollgard. The band's first vocalist was Mikael Eriksson, who later was involved in a kidnapping and shootout with the Asian Network. The first gig was 1978 in a school and then, Eriksson left the band and new members were singer Håkan "Oak" Oak & bassist Bengt Agefjord. The End did some local gigs in Dalarna and the Music Office in Stockholm in October 1979 (together with, among other things Urrk and Mold). They released this self-produced single in autumn 1979, though the labels say 1980. This was to be able to sell the record for a longer period of time without it feeling too old. The sound here is fantastic early '77 KBD punk and it was never released with a picture sleeve. 'Krossa!' has been described as one of the first punk songs in the hardcore style in Sweden. The single is now a collector's item that has been valued at over 1000 Kroner. Before the single was recorded "Oak" left the band and bassist Bengt Ager Fjord sang. After recording, the singer returned to the band. The End later changed its name to Beyaz and performed their last gig in 1985. Ingemar Sollgard continued playing in various band formations, beginning with Patrik Gustavsson on drums and Lars Lustig on vocals bass. He later became a member of the band 'In The Colonnades' and now plays in "Antibodies". Patrik Gustavsson was brutally ax murdered in 1991, why I do not know in detail. - This record has 9/10 stars in “The Encyclopedia Of Swedish Punk” book. And now: relax and start the download. Cheers!!

- Special Thanx to Fredrik -

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