Friday, 9 January 2015

RIBS - Man With No Brain 7'' 1978

After a long time here's another rare gem from my Wanted-List. Only record by this very unknown band from the U.K. which was released on Aerco Records. The Ribs were a four piece combo and that's all info I have, a real shame because both songs are kickin' in a brilliant '77 melodic power-pop style. The a-side stomps slowly through and it's like a walk on the streets while the people look strange at you, to that the slightly little psychedelic vocals and you know: "I'm different". The flip is a beautiful guitar number with a impulsive rhythm and a fine solo in the middle, nice mid-tempo. A truly beautiful rare 7inch and I'm glad I can finally listen to it.


  1. I've collected a little more info on Ribs here: