Monday, January 16, 2023


One more rare 7Inch, which was reissued by Manufactured Recordings in 2015, original released via Mutha Records with six shots by the Accelerators, a Central Jersey based Punkband whose brand of fast and loud "PowerPop" music has made them local club favorites since the 1980s. Largely influenced by the Ramones and the Smithereens, the Accelerators’ music is defined by strong melodies, unique irreverent lyrics and powerful drumming. The band was started by singer/bass player/songwriter Ron in 1981 with talented but troubled lead guitarist John T. Hansen, and backed by Dave Ross on drums. Their brand of fast and loud music made them local club favorites throughout the late 1980s. Represented on some good compilations and unfortunately I can't offer you one yet, eieieiei..... Well, that'll be fine and for a fucking Monday evening post anyway enough.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Breakfast at 15:00 MEZ... and are you hungry?

I know this post will interest a few but this platform is perfect for that, and here I can do what I want and this is not an instagram influence (for all those who found me through bubble, urrgghhhhhh). After a long weekend with music and a long sleep, even the hardest Fucker has to eat something, and maybe some of you know that I love Curry Geschnetzeltes, today with chickpeas, something new and I have to say, fucking delicious! If you would like to try the following recipe: 200g turkey, 60g noodles, curry cocktail with chickpeas in a jar, garlic, oil, salt & pepper and a fresh red paprika. Preparation time around thirty minutes, and how it tastes you will found out and that's it for today, Aloha!

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THE NOTHINGS - Alot To Learn 12'' 1983

Welcome to another rare slab from California with catchy powerful music by the Nothings from Los Angeles which were active in the early Eighties and this is their lone release and reissued 1999 with two bonus tracks (jojo). The band consisted of Rob (vocals), Phil (guitars & vocals), Lenny (bass), Bob (drums) and this five track 12Inch was released via Augustus Records. A short review: "If you thought the Sex Pistols sound was dead in 1983, you’ve got “a lot to learn,” because this Southern California group is the mirror image of the Pistols stylistically. They’ve got the same crunching rhythm attack and wall-of-sound guitar on the Rotten one’s vocals are missing. Highly recommended for nostalgia buffs." (Jeff Bale, MRR #10 • December 1983) - He describes their music perfect and the four are the American version of the Londoners, in every way. Oh Yeah, a fucking great five cruncher! They didn't get invited on compilations in their active lifespan, presumably because the songs always exceeded the three-minute mark but I think, they deserve full attention.

Saturday, January 14, 2023

THE RUSSIANS - No Title 7'' 1980

Rain, rain and more rain! And I had to get out, damn shit! My unavoidable ToDo's are almost done and I treat myself to a short break and another rare & interesting record follows by a short lived four piece that was based in Northampton and the Russians only made one good record with two cool goodies on Laser. Formed in 1979 by Julie (vocals), Dusty (guitars), John B. (bass) & John (drums). They are non-political, a satirical statement & quickly disappeared. Info: "They chose the band name as an ironic statement on their deliberate apolitical stance, in direct contrast to many of their punk heroes. Julie felt her name was boring by contrast to the rest of the band who created a professional name by jokingly combining Rebel and witch to make the Sovietesque Rebel-o-witch-z. To promote the single, a custard pie fight was staged between Russians and Acme Punk Clothing outside the latter’s shop on the busy Wellingborough Road in Northampton bringing traffic to a standstill. The event made the front page of the local newspaper under the title Russian invasion starts a war. Unfortunately, the distributors refused to release the single and the band fought a long relentless battle and in the end had to settle for getting a few released for themselves, which they had to drive to London to get, so they could sell this small amount to their fans." Rarely at home on compilations but I can recommend you Smashed Again!!!, I chose the flip among many other rarities for this sucker.

THE SOUND - Physical World EP 1979

Debut EP on Tortch Records by The SoundA renowned combo which were formed in South London 1979 from the remnants of the Punk band the Outsiders. The original line-up consisted of Adrian Borland (vocals/guitar) and Graham Bailey (bass), both ex-Outsiders, along with Mike Dudley (drums) and woodwinds player Bi Marshall. While not a member, ex-Outsider Adrian Janes would contribute ideas and co-write lyrics to the Sound's music. Borland and Bailey also made up the band Second Layer, formed around the same time as the Sound. This little info is enough, there is a lot to read about this great combo and they were even acknowledged on the Killed By Death #24 compilation and eight albums prove their creativity and make them one of the most important Post-Punk bands I would say. Before I can continue here today, I have to do a lot of fucking things that cannot be postponed and that take up valuable time.

Friday, January 13, 2023

ŽENEVSKI DEKRET - Mostar Demo 1986

I received an email a while back with the latest record (Alkohol) and I really don't know from whom and since it didn't end up in the spam folder I should know the sender. But I have no idea who sent it to me. Anyway, I listened to the single and I have to say: cool dirty stuff! So I researched the net and came across to their unassuming little blog and got more material. And here's a little bit of it with info out of their mouths: "Punk behind the iron curtain and an old jewel: Ženevski Dekret (Geneve Decree) started back 1984 in Mostar (ex-Yugoslavia, now Bosnia/Herzegovina) and the first line-up consisted of Habi (vocals/drums), Kokich (bass), Golub (guitars). Back in the day things were hard despite the fact Yugoslavia was "something better that the other countries of existing socialism" in matters of freedom of speech so their first demo Mostar came out three years later in 1986 and was followed by Neću Da Budem Dio Jebene Mase (Don't Wanna Be A Part Of Fucking Mass) in 1988, a three track EP which was released in 2007 by Ne! Records/Mama Records and all three goodies are taken from the Vogue studio session from 1988 and the record then came out in an edition of 500 copies. A pocket sized booklet written by Habi with a little bio and lyrics is included and music wise this is rough, angry and primitive Hardcore much more brutal than their first demo which has melodic moments." Until 2005 they released one CD, one tape & two singles, there were several line-up changes and they are also strongly represented on Compilations. The recordings are unpolished and impressively document the attitude towards life in the mid Eighties in the heart of ex-Yugoslavia.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

V/A - Better Off Dead (Punk Rarities 1977-1983)

The first compilation in 2023 deals with the subject of DEATH and this unofficial CD-R (25 copies, card sleeve and the last one in the series) from the useable Fab Fuhrer Records label tells us thirty-one lurid and multi-layered emotions of love, longing, hope, departure, tragedy, sanity, insanity, redemption, bitterness and maybe bliss.... Phases through which we all go at some point and carry out the fight against our own demons. One more, the other less.... and some without return. OK!, a bit theatrical my prologue and I'm sure the creator of this gathering of rarities from the decent KBD years had other things in mind by working on this great piece of shit. But, one thing's for sure: Death Is Inevitable! and this selfmade work of art maybe... Your Choice!!

1.Better Off Dead - LA PESTE
3.Better Dead - CINECYDE
4.Dead Inside - DUM DUM BOYS
6.Death Trip - J.T. IV
9.Still Wanna Die - CHEETAH CHROME
10.Death Wish - THE DESTROYERS
11.Too Young To Die - AGENT ORANGE
12.I Want To Die Young - TERMINAL MIND
13.Too Old To Die Young - ED GEIN'S CAR
14.Rather See You Dead - LEGIONAIRES DISEASE
15.We Ain't Dead (Yet) - STRAW DOGS
16.Now You're Dead - FEAR
17.I'm Already Dead - PLASTIC IDOLS
18.We're Dead - (IMPATIENT) YOUTH
19.Glad He's Dead - HUNS
20.Teddy Crashes Blond Dies - THE SINATRAS
22.Dead Boys - STUNT KITES
23.Heartattack - UPSETS
24.Die In My Sleep - LA PESTE
25.Is There Lunch After Death - THE SILLIES
26.I Died Four Times! - THE MANSONS
27.Everybody Dies - THE SEIZE
28.Everybody Loves You When You're Dead - BABYSITTERS
29.Churchyard - THE PAIN
30.Spit On Your Grave - CRINGE
31.Six Feet Under - NCM

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

COLA FREAKS - Ingenting Set EP 2008

Second record by this brillant combo from Århus on Hjernespind. Cola Freaks were Mads (vocals), Morten (guitars), Kasper (bass), Jacob (drums) and we listen to three catchy, tough and memorable goodies and if you can't get enough of their sound I recommend their album Cola Freaks from 2010 which is also fantastic. The first press of this EP came in an edition of 1000 copies on black vinyl in four different (blue, red, tan & yellow) sleeves, second press on clear vinyl with blue sleeve. Their music is inspired by '77 Punk and New Wave with Danish lyrics and the songs on this EP were recorded during their US tour in Memphis 2008. And now it's time for me to make some money, ugh!

Monday, January 09, 2023

LAST ROUGH CAUSE - Violent Few EP 1985

Monday morning, new work week and it starts with solid Oi! stuff and let's say Hello to the debut of Last Rough Cause, a three piece which originally formed 1983 in Darlington by Andy (vocals/bass), Ste (guitars), Max (drums), the band has undergone a number of line-up changes bringing us to the present day. They describe themselves: "The best way to describe the sound of the band is to say is it's foundation is built on melodic Punkrock drawing influences from the early roots of the 76/77 scene right up to the current modern Punk sound." After an EP and two split LP’s the band called it a day. In 2010 they released their first full-length (Aggrophobia) which is a decent combination of classic Oi! & Punkrock. 500 copies of this record were pressed and it's a fresh four track listening pleasure.

Sunday, January 08, 2023

BAICAL - Euphoria 12'' 2017

Today I introduce you to an interesting German band whose music is suitable for every conceivable moment and first of all I would like to thank iNgo for this tip and I would like to quote a few lines from their Bandcamp home: Baical are a three piece band based in Leipzig, Germany, dedicated to translating their emotional experiences into expressive and ethereal music of the goth, new wave and pop persuasion. Influenced by some of the most prominent alternative bands of the 1980s, they have been inspired by the finest aspects of these groups yet their fresh approach offers a new chapter for fans of this style. When they formed in 2017, they quickly got to work creating their debut EP, Euphoria, (300 copies) which was written in a basement over the course of two days during a cold winter. The forbidding seasonal state left an impression on their music that seems to have carried throughout their sound, blending sadness with beauty. Playing shows with Belgrado, Soviet Soviet and Bleib Modern cemented the strength of their songs and gained them further recognition. The following year, members Richard, Chris and Willi, recorded the album Funeral Party with producer Magnus Wichmann at Lala Studios in Leipzig. The result is a modern high quality sound that does justice to the strength of their songwriting. Featuring chorus saturated guitar tones reminiscent of the Cure and an authentically 80s drum sound, these finer details all come together to form a unified and harmonious debut release. The album is full of catchy hooks, luscious melodies, and even contains some dance friendly grooves.

Well I enjoy this band and while their music may seem very dark it is uplifting and full of positive vibes and I'm sure they will find many friends with their sound. TOP!