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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

V/A - SUB 1983

Fantastic Brazilian Hardcore/Punk compilation from Estúdios Vermelhos with four bands, each six songs. Unfortunately I don't have the original record (red vinyl and numbered) but who cares and this album is always worth a post; musically, you know what's going onRatos De Porão and Cólera are common, both released numerous albums and exist partially today, Psykóze were briefly active from 1983 to 1985 and scattered some samplersongs in the air and Fogo Cruzado from São Paulo released their first album in 1997. I need a coffee, then a shower and welcome Wednesday.

1.Parasita - RATOS DE PORÃRO
3.Poluição Atômica - RATOS DE PORÃRO
5.Bloqueio Mental - CÓLERA
6.Quanto Vale A Libertade? - CÓLERA
7.Terceira Guerra Mundial - PSYKÓZE
8.Buracos Suburbanos - PSYKÓZE
9.Fim Do Mundo - PSYKÓZE
10.Desemprego - FOGO CRUZADO
11.União Entre Punks Do Brasil - FOGO CRUZADO
12.Delinquentes - FOGO CRUZADO
13.Não Podemos Falar - RATOS DE PORÃRO
14.Realidades De Guerra - RATOS DE PORÃRO
15.Porquê? - RATOS DE PORÃRO
16.Histeria - CÓLERA
17.Zero Zero - CÓLERA
18.Sub-Ratos - CÓLERA
19.Vítimas Da Guerra - PSYKÓZE
20.Alienação Do Homem - PSYKÓZE
21.Desilusão - PSYKÓZE
22.Inimizade - FOGO CRUZADO
23.Punk Inglês - FOGO CRUZADO
24.Terceira Guerra - FOGO CRUZADO

Saturday, June 05, 2021

CÓLERA - Dé O Fora EP 1986

Nice re-release from Can I Say Records/Your Poison Records of the Dé O Fora EP by Cólera from São Paulo, originally released on the Belgian Hageland label back in 1986 and it's good that an Iryic sheet is included because I really don’t understand a word (my Portuguese teacher became too expensive) and it’s not immediately apparent which is Side-A, but that's irrelevant. This litte fucker contains four unpolished pearls of melodic HardcorePunk: exotic, raw & catchy. 2011 then the reissue with different covers and in limited editions. Their sound is a bit similar with Italian bands, I don't know much melodic punk bands from either country, apart from the Oi! sound, and the South American HC bands are without exception an enrichment of these genres. Cólera started 1979, formed by Redson and his brother Pierre on drums, they were soon (1980) joined by Val (bass), forming the classic line-up that would record their best material. After almost twenty years out of the band, Val would return in the late 2000’s which gave young kids a chance to see the classic trio live. Cólera were one's that never turned its back on punk or D.I.Y. ethics. While their contemporaries tried (some succeeded) to make it big by turning metal or new wave, they kept pretty much the same formula all along: energetic, melodic hardcore punk with extremely catchy choruses. They released eleven albums, three singles and lots of compilation goodies. Cólera didn't reinvent the wheel, but like the dice for backgammon they were an important motivator for the Brazilian underground scene and has sown the seeds for the new explosion.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

V/A - Grito Suburbano 1982

An absolute number one Hardcore platte is this 'short' compilation from South America which appeared on Punk Rock Discos and became rightly several times re-released on CD and Vinyl. The Créme de la Créme of this genre is represented here, three bands, twelve killers. At the moment I hear lots of fast & aggressive music and with this record of course I can blast my fucking mind out (you will certainly agree)! It's not my rip, nevertheless, always a post worth. Infos about the bands in the net. Listen!

1.Desespero - OLHO SECO
2.Sinto - OLHO SECO
3.Garotos Do Suburbio - INOCENTES
4.Medo De Morrer - INOCENTES
5.João - CÓLERA
6.Gritar - CÓLERA
7.Lutar Matar - OLHO SECO
8.Eu Não Sei - OLHO SECO
9.Pãnico En São Paulo - INOCENTES
10.Morte Nuclear - INOCENTES
11.Suburbio Geral - CÓLERA
12.Hhei - CÓLERA

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

CÓLERA - Tente Mudar O Amanhã 1984

Tente Mudar O Amanhã (Try Changing Tomorrow) is the debut album of the Brazilian punk band Cólera, released in 1985 on Ataque Frontal Records and it's the secomnd release from this label. Formed in 1979 in the Capão Redondo district by brothers Edson 'Redson' Pozzi (guitars + vocals) and Carlos "Pierre" Pozzi (drums + vocals), accompanied by Val (bass). Cólera would become one of the bands of greater longevity in the Brazilian punk scene. Their lyrics clearly adressed about the cold war, with songs appeal to end the arms race, led by the US and Soviet Union. In addition, the letters talked about urban violence and the indifference of the authorities.Their sound is fast, sometimes melodic, and the lyrics aim to subjects like peace, liberty, animal liberation, love, politics and environmentalism. It's an album that, due to its pacifist message, influenced and continues to influence punks in Brazil and around the world. Sadly, Edson “Redson” Pozzi died 2011 at 49 years old of internal bleeding caused by an ulcer. So let's open your heart & ears for twenty superb Punk goodies!

Friday, October 18, 2019

V/A - Ataque Sonoro 1985

Fantastic HC/Punk compilation from Brazil on Ataque Frontal Records with twenty killer tracks from rather unknown, but high-grade bands, which were active in the 80s and most of them have also brought their sound to vinyl with at least one album. Two songs per band and we get what we all like: short songs, lust for pogo, distorted guitars, angry vocals, energetic rhythms, positive vibes, thirst... no time for sleep. Come with loads of infos and band bio's, reissued on CD in 2006 with ten bonus tracks. TOP record!

1.Reprecaos - VIRUS 27
2.Condenado - RATOS DE PORÃO
4.Trabalhadores Brasileiros - ESPERMOGRAMIX
5.Ignorância Cega - AUSCHWITZ
6.Progresso - DESORDEIROS
7.Rebeldes - CÓLERA
8.Skate Gralha - GRINDER'S
9.Super Projetos - ARMAGEDOM
10.Faces Da Morte - LOBOTOMIA
11.Lobotomia - LOBOTOMIA
12.Cérebros Atômicos - RATOS DE PORÃO
13.Mortos De Fome - ARMAGEDOM
15.Eu Não Sei O Que Quero - GAROTOS PODRES
16.Corrupção - AUSCHWITZ
17.Vira-Latas - CÓLERA
18.Como E Que Pode - GRINDER'S
19.Capitalismo - VIRUS 27
20.Holocausto - DESORDEIROS

Sunday, December 25, 2016

V/A - Let's Get Pissed - It's Christmas #2 1986

1000 copies, released via Cult Records, fuckin' great stuff, right to the feast, don't miss Volume 1 - have a great evening!

1.Gas Mask - KILLROY
2.Utrujenost - U.B.R.
3.Horror Business - RATTUS
4.Haut Rein Hey - NORMAHL
5.Helmut Kohl - NORMAHL
6.Fruktan - FEAR OF WAR
7.Corpus Delicti - U.B.R.
8.Kusta Paassa - RATTUS
9.What Can We Do? - MANIACS
10.Marcha - CÓLERA
12.Ny Låt - FEAR OF WAR
13.São Paulo - CÓLERA
14.66 Big Build Up - KILLROY
15.What You Gonna Do? - FEAR OF WAR
16.U.B.R. - U.B.R.
17.Execution - MANIACS

- Special Thx to Fredrik -

Sunday, May 21, 2017

V/A - Z Siege EP 1987

A record that was eternally waiting to be digitized is the following little notable complation that came out on Bunker Music and today it is done. Four great speedys: Cólera kick off with an untypical Brazilian one, a solid mid-tempo number with excellent lyrics, we know aggressive tones from the boys, Dunkle Tage from Göttingen with a live track, very dynamic and fast but I can't still warm with them, not my case. WDM from Finland is rather my taste, uncompromising Hardcorepunk with fat sound and an exclusive track, not on their 7Inches include. Rounded off by the Bingener metalpunk combo Circle Of Sig-Tiü which tell us what they think about Germany, a real blast and I can only agree with them, thirty years later and nothing has changed, aahhh.. I love their dirty rough sound. They made three good records and came to an end in 1988. Now one more Jever and ripping another slab and you grab this first-class EP before the sun goes down.

1.Somos Vivos - CÓLERA
2.Nehmt Euer - DUNKLE TAGE
3.The Key - WDM
4.Third Reich In Disguise - CIRCLE OF SIG-TIÜ

Saturday, January 15, 2022

V/A - Planet Punk #4 2005

Second and last part of Planet Punk and with Volume 3, this little self-made series is already complete. H2D#26 is another tidbit full of rare stars from international bands that are still kicking ass, much in demand and popular in our fucking disillusioned times which bring little decent music to light in my opinion. Music is like inventions, there is nothing innovative that can really impress me, hardly any wow factor or thing that I can really admire. And I would say that for almost twenty years. Speaking of music, we all hear & see the so called "combos" thrown together, the TV shows which offer only shit and are played over and over by radio stations, all this crap is boring, repetitive and only geared towards profit, commercial shit and really sucks. It's really intoxicating to get acquainted with such music as on this further fantastic compilation and to eke out an existence far away from this dead & dull society. That are the words for Sunday, Amen! Enjoy the vibes of the good ole days!

1.Desire - THE STALIN
2.Hello New Punks - THE STAR CLUB
4.TV - SEX
5.Give Me Confusion - PAIN
6.Head Explosion - THE STALIN
7.D-Day Or Lost Day - THE WILLARD
9.Terciera Guera - FOGO CRUZADO
10.Ain't She Dumb - ROCKS
11.Revolution - X
12.Vem Har Gett Dom Rätten!? - REVOLT
13.I Lost My Legs - WARHEADS
14.Är Ungdomar Människor? - VACUM
15.Inuinem Rakkaus - RATSIA
16.Vik Hädan! Var Hälsad! - REVOLT
17.Moro M/System - WANNSKRÆKK
18.Dan Eften Bomben - STREBERS
19.Eibon - ASTA KASK
20.Tio Zynthar På En Rad - ZYNTHSLAKT
21.Rattus On Rautta - RATTUS
22.Kivisissa Metissa - VAU
23.Sticky Life - ROTZKOTZ
24.Wir Hams Satt - STRASSENJUNGS
25.Hey Punk - SLIME
26.C.I.A. - DER RIß
27.B Alarm - RAZZIA
28.Heute Norm Morgen Tod - S.Y.P.H.
29.We're Gonna Do What We Like - VOPO'S
30.I Don't Want To Be - BIZON KIDS
31.Two Wheels - SPEEDTWINS
32.God Save Rock'N'Roll - SUBWAY
33.Man Under My Bed - THE NIXE
34.I Got A Right - RONNIE URINI
35.Psychic Underground - TIMESHIFT
36.Pill Girl - VOGUE

- Great Thx to Mark -

Saturday, June 04, 2022

V/A - 1984 The Third 2LP 1987

One of my favorite compilations is the double album by the important French label New Wave Records, who released a small series called 1984 in the Eighties with tons of international bands and every release is a direct hit in my opinion. Also Freunde, Volume 3 was pressed 1500 times and there are thirty-eight bands/songs to discover, plus a detailed booklet with lots of infos and lyrics and and and... I love such loving and detailed slabs because they not only make an impact acoustically, but also visually and I'm certainly not alone there, and on days off like these, the pleasure is doubly pleasant. The only downside is that I have to write so much and don't like to write much. I've already thought about not writing anything anymore, but I don't like that either. What a conflict hahaha... Now I'll open a beer and the subtle reference to Volume 4 (the last part) and the first two will follow... someday!

1.Stress Test/The Tables Turn - YOUTHQUAKE
2.Just Sixteen - DARK AGE
3.Jugend - EXTREM
4.A - ZOI
5.No More Problems - ROSTOK VAMPIRES
6.Poupée Speed - SS20
7.Muerete Dirigente - ATAQUE FRONTAL
8.Doo, Radden Menneskehed - VI
10.Return Of Frost - DEVIATED INSTINCT
11.Egoista - F.P.B.
12.L'Engrais De Ma Révolte - PARIA PUNK
13.Reasons - N.V. BOYS
14.Pauv'con - MASK HAGAZ
15.Werbling - BÖSLINGE
16.Toulouse Boredom - PIN PRICK
17.Number - PATARENI
18.Terroristes - RAZZLE DAZZLE
19.Seurapiirihuora - U.S.C.
20.Em Setembro - CÓLERA
21.Générique/Violence In The Shows - KRULL
22.Anarchie, Frieden, Liebe - ALPTRAUM GMBH
23.Futur Macabre - VLASTA
24.Mayhem - LOUDBLAST
26.Le Pogo Des Eboueurs - TRASHMEN POGO
27.Penal Repression - CHAOTIC SUBVERSION
28.I'll Pull The Switch - RANDOM KILLING
29.Rien Á Dire, Rien Á Faire - LES CADAVRES
30.Dežuje - TOŽIBABE
33.Behind High Walls - DOC WOR MIRRAN
34.Fight For Freedom - WYLSPER
35.Kivul - DIE TROTTEL
36.L'Homme Se Meurt - COCK ROACHS
38.Dziecko - REJESTRACJA

Friday, May 06, 2016

V/A - Killed By Hardcore 2001

Well, I think this record needs no description, stands everything on the cover. Number one of three records, made in U.S.A. with detailed insert. I think I go back in bed, was intense yesterday (like this stuff)... Amen!

1.Public Opinion - URBAN WASTE
2.Koruse - GASMASK
5.Going On - NOG WATT
6.Broken Promises - NO PIGS
7.Taking Away Your Rights - N.O.T.A.
8.Deo Fora - CÓLERA
9.Riot - ACTIVES
10.Clutch The Flag - CAPITAL SCUM
11.Fuck It - THE LEFT
12.Dead Generation - ULTRA VIOLENT
13.In This Town - THE FIX
14.Born Prejudice - AMERICA'S HARDCORE
15.Punks United - FALLOUT
17.America's Power - YOUTH PATROL
18.Ajatuksen Loppu - LAMA
19.Home, Religion, Native Country - KANSAN UUTISET
20.Shell Helpt - INDIREKT
21.Black Sheep - NIHILISTICS
22.Going Back - THE EXECUTE
23.No Illusions - THE STATE

Sunday, July 26, 2020

VIRUS 27 - Parasitas Obrigatórios 1987

Good Morning  dear friends of cool music and today we listen to the debut record of Virus 27, a Brazilian Oi! combo from São Paulo, on Devil Discos. The band was formed in 1982 with Di on drums, Braz on guitar and Pezão on bass. They started with a mid-tempo hardcore punk sound just like many of their contemporaries in the early Brazilian scene; very similar to Cólera. The name of the band came from the label Alternative Tentacles because the founder of the band was a big Dead Kennedys fan. He died sometime in early 80's. Their first recorded apperance was 1985 on the Ataque Sonoro compilation. A year later they released the Parasitas Obrigatórios album and this showed the band moving away from hardcore punk to more of an Oi sound, like Garotos Podres. However, Virus 27 still sang critical lyrics about society and seasoned with an unique sound - slow but very good. In late 80's, the band took a turn towards right wing politics, and released their second album Brasil Oi!. They became too nationalist and the punk scene abandoned their gigs, it became a band just for Skinheads - at that time punks and skinheads in Brazil started to go in different ways and hate each other. Their last record Caso Sério!!! was released in 1996 and then the band broke up. Well, at least Virus 27 didn't became nazi and racist, only patriotic and play rough Oi! music in a very strong catchy way. A very good debut in my opinion and rough as a street punk record should be.