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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

SUZANNES - New Disease EP 1978

Well, this record is nothing new in Blogland, every one of my friends has posted this, and now I'm the last, here we go: Early Dutch stuff now by the Suzannes, a four piece from Enschede who were active in 1976-1978, and this is their only record on De 1000 Idioten Records (cool name). The band consisted of Fedde (vocals), Loek (guitars), Dick (bass), Klaas (drums) and as the cover says, 2000 copies were pressed. Influenced by the Ramones they called themselves after the song 'Suzanne' by Leonard Cohen, and it was always in the repertoire in their own special version. Without an interruption they played all their songs in one go (their concerts were famous for ecstatic proportions). Six cool songs, of which 'Teenage Abortion' is the most famous one and also, besides 'Hippie', invited to some relevant compilations. JoJoJo!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

V/A - Killed By Epitaph 1998

And we stay geil with this unofficial reissue of the CD that originally appeared on Epitaph Europe in 1996, called "I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It - Dutch Punk Rock '77-'82". This double vinyl is limited to 1000 copies and compiled by Jeroen Vedder and released in Europe only; some wise punk put it out in it's proper form, for kids 'round the world to enjoy. And unike so many comps, this one is again full with rare and dirty heavy KBD stuff. Lotsa good information too. Jeroen, being a native dutchman, did his country a great service with this record. An excellent compilation of the early dutch punk scene, most tracks are really good with very few losers and some of which I've never heard before.

1.I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It - IVY GREEN
2.I Don't Care What The People Say - HELMETTES
3.Requiem For Martin Heidegger - PANIC
5.Football Song - SPEEDTWINS
6.Teenage Abortion - SUZANNES
7.Van Agt Casanova - PAUL TORNADO
8.Daddy Is My Pusher - TITS
9.Plastic - MOLLESTERS
10.Don't Hide Your Hate - FILTH
11.Treat Me Like A Doll - GOD'S HEART ATTACK
12.Half Twee - HELMETTES
13.Face Cover Face - MECANO LTD
14.Jesus Loves Me (But I Don't Care) - SUBWAY
15.Ich Liebe Ulrike - MORT SUBITE
16.Miracles - THE BROMMERS
17.Look Out The Cops - BVD
18.She's By My Side - SHITH
19.I Shouldn't Go - COÏTUS INT.
20.Menten - VOPO'S
21.Human Car - THE EX
22.Searching - NIXE
23.A Black & White Statement - RONDOS
24.I'm So Lazy - NITWITZ
25.Lang Zo Aardig Niet - TRÖCKENER KEKS
26.Bionic Adventure - FRITES MODERN

Saturday, April 16, 2016

V/A - Keihard En Swingend! 1978

‘Keihard & Swingend’ (Rock-hard & Swinging) is a live registration of Dutch punk and new wave bands in 1978. Recorded live 12/13 and 14 February 1978 at Paradiso/Amsterdam and the result is astonishing. The a-side is more punkrock stuff with bands you might know while the b-side belongs to the new wave bands. The sound is quite good for a thirty years old recording and the feeling seamlessly spills over. On the back cover are some liner notes and if somenone would translate then I would use the info here in this short description (my dutch is extreme rusty). This compilation was released on EMI-Bovema Holland, maybe one of the best release by that so-called major label. Great document from the early dutch underground scene.

2.Working For The Company - SUBWAY
3.Get You In My Train - WHIZZ GUY
4.Tennis-Shoes - SUZANNES
6.Dead Or Alive - PANIC
7.Don't Tell Me What I've Got To Do - CAPTAIN COKE
8.Tutti Ragazzi - THE NITS
9.Simple Song - SYLPH
10.Blind Man Lost His Guide-Dog - TURF
11.Don't Send Us Away - CILINDERS
12.I'm A Millionaire - THE LIZARDS

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

V/A - Killed By Death #1010011010 2002

I think, it's time for another rare compilation from the grandiose Killed By Death series, today we dedicate ourselves to the 300 copies slab by Teenage Lust Records and meet twenty howlin' punk anthems of 1977-1982. The detectives convince with healthy taste and I think, the mix with well-known classics and pieces that are found somewhere on hard-to-get singles is fucking felicitous. Exact my bottle of Hefe and the right sound for breakfast! Admit, you've been waiting for this a long time... 

1.Kimberly You're Boring - THE MOTIVE
3.Vaarallinen Rakkaus - SENSUURI
4.Somebody's Mom - POINTED STICKS
5.Straight Jacket - THE ADICTS
6.Not Satisfied - ANARCHY
7.Spankathon - MAN-KA-ZAM
8.Disco Zombies - DISCO ZOMBIES
9.Hippie - SUZANNES
11.Crayon World - FLYBOYS
12.Love Substitute - PINPOINT
14.Sulla Strada - ROCK TRAIN BAND
15.T.V. Deceives - THE SINGLES
16.Delivered - MODERN WARFARE
17.What I Want - THE DONKEYS
19.I Love You, Japan - STAR CLUB
20.Stiff Lips - SHEENA & THE ROKKETS