Sunday, May 19, 2024

THE STAR CLUB - Cool Posers! (Early Singles 1977-83) 1999

🎵 This unofficial Compilation by the Star Club from Nagoya is a real blast and features five early 7Inches from 1977-1983 and has nineteen energetic wild nuggets in its suitcase. The band is active since 1977 and has released many albums and singles in their lifespan and simply never tires of creating their excessive Punkrock with pure passion. Their records are relatively difficult to obtain in Europe and I am a big fan of such releases which become rarities. For everyone who already knows the Star Club, this album is a perfect selection and brings all the hits together, those who don't know them will be thrilled. Enough words, I'll fulfill your re-upp requests next week and now I have to go on to the Whitsun backgammon marathon, first prize is a vacation in Hawaii...... enjoy the music! 🎵

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