Friday, September 22, 2023

WISHMOPPER - 9mm Vor Dem Abgrund 1997

I'm back again, dear friends, and I hope you had a great time and what I did will follow shortly. But let me tell you, I'm not amused to be back home and I could leave again in a heartbeat. Well, I continue with a completely underrated four-piece that formed in Braunschweig in the early Nineties and Wishmopper consisted of Hoschi (vocals), Dagwood (guitar), Claus (bass), Ravi (drums) and this is their only album on Harmony Records which came in green vinyl in an edition of 500 copies and the cover here is from the CD version, but this the vinyl rip which unfortunately my old record player only played with a few jumpers. Normally I wouldn't offer such a shitty one and the scratches are annoying and extremely hinder the listening pleasure, but that's the way it is, and this record deserves attention. Musically, melodic, dark, catchy songs with a slightly metallic touch with hearty lyrics (without any I hate Cops or drinking beer attitudes, so there's a certain appeal in putting this record out a second time), usually over three minutes long, but in this case that doesn't hurt. In 1995 they released their first tape 1000 Eyes (Live) plus a 7Inch, and five years later another split EP with Verbrannte Erde, and a few Compilation appearances and then it was over. Wishmopper is solid Punkrock with a strong statement!


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