Sunday, June 04, 2023

MORDBUBEN AG - Angst Vorm Rock'n Roll? 1980

Yesterday was an exciting match and unfortunetaly with the happy ending for Leipzig, but deserved in the end and it was good to meet my old buddy again. Let's come now to an older rip I did in 2011 but somehow the slab fell into oblivion but I redid the scans, the old ones sucked. We travel to beautiful Vienna and meet one of the first austrian Punk bands ever, the Mordbuben AG and they made four 7Inches, one full-length and guests on lots of Compilations, their songs have a perfect dose of untypical loud & rough Punk'N'Roll with magical Viennese dialect. The AG were formed 1978 and were, along with Chuzpe, the most essential band of the Viennese Punk scene and on this bloody record the band consisted of Wörndi (vocals), Fredi (guitars), Hardy (drums). Ten great tracks you can listen here and you definitely don't have to be afraid because it contains exactly what you want. Highly recommended is the release on RaveUp Records Mia Woan De Stören which was released in 2018 in a limited edition of 350 copies (partly on green vinyl) with songs from the singles and other rare material. Enjoy the sound, the sun and Sunday!

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