Monday, June 05, 2023

AKTION SÄGEWERK - Ödi Blödi Kinderficker 1998

Rare album by this three piece from Buchen and Aktion Sägewerk released their first record in 1993, plus a demo tape and the following albums were all only released as CD and are exclusively distributed by the band themselves and pressed on their own label Spanplatte, a real family dynasty. The songs are almost all from the demotape (except one) and whoever thinks this is just a pure Funpunk combo is wrong. On the contrary, the trio resolutely exudes socially critical, personal and sometimes funny lyrics, and the level is consistently high and musically, they're absolutely great. Short crisp numbers that romp around for less than two minutes, melodic and excellently spiced. Solid D-Punk and a real insider tip!

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