Saturday, February 04, 2023

AESTHETICS - Accept. Except. Not Nothing Negative EP 1981

The Aesthetics were founded in Westminster/California and they consisted of Seph (vocals), Paul (guitars), Gino (bass), Jim (drums) and this is their only EP on Psychobud with four hectic tracks that shine with shrill guitars and a very stuttering rhythm. When I search for this rare EP, I keep coming across the term 'Art Punk'. What is that? I can't classify this term, but when I listen to the music I can't discover anything about it. Sure, the guys don't celebrate an ordinary mid-tempo sound and catchy is different, and a six minute song on a 7Inch as well, but is that the reason for naming it that way? I don't know, for me it's a very good Punk record with snotty vocals and brilliant music, played a little differently but cool. Maybe it's still too early to discuss this further, and the four weren't invited to compilations at the time, but the detectives paid tribute to the Aesthetics on their selfmade CD-R and that's good.


  1. Well, when one thinks of "Art Rock" one might recognize bands like early Roxy Music or many Prog' Rock group like King Crimson, Early Genesis, mid' to later Pink Floyd, etc. "Art-Punk" would feature similar motifs but performed in a more abrasive manner or performed less professionally?

    1. At least I can classify Prog Rock, but 'Art Punk' is a term that doesn't make any sense. Music is art and punk is a movement, a way of life.

  2. That's not the "real" Truth! Especially in Germany - At the Beginning of Punk at 1977-1979, there was the Punk-Movement not just Music or Outfit. The basic setting of the first "Punks" was: You can do whatever you want! You don't need a education in Music, Fashion or Art. Just do it and the result is Punk! So, many of the first German Punk bands like Charley's Girls, Mittagspause, DIN-A Testbild, Einstürtende Neubauten or D.A.F. understood themself as Punks just because they making an other kind of music. The first Concerts and Recordings from these Bands where really crazy Sound experiments! There are still many Bands out of these Era but they get called "minimal" "experimental" or sometimes "electro". I think that's the best explanation for the Word Art-Punk. I think in England started it with the Music and the Fashion, but I'm not sure. You can read about in the Book "Verschwende deine Jugend" In this Book it's really good explained, how it started in Germany. Sorry for my english, but my School years enden befor a view decades!