Friday, January 27, 2023

V/A - Spit On Your Grave! Vol.1 2004

Looking pretty professional at first glance, but Buried Alive Recordings is the name of a bootleg label from Spain and they have released two CD's with rare American KBD stuff from 7Inches 1978-1983, included some rare tracks and others which always used for such CompilationsSparsely held to infos, only the most necessary, release year, covers and nothing more (b.t.w. dizzy cover ūüėĶ). All in all, I think it's a successful selection and absolutely worth listening to, and it's not expensive to buy either. With that, another chapter weekend is heralded and volume 2 follows if you live well-behaved and uninhibitedSo come on, you Maniacs!

1.Fun, Fun, Fun - BIG BOYS
2.Haunted Town - THE EFFIGIES
3.Tomahawks - KILLER PUSSY
4.I Wanna Die Young - TERMINAL MIND
5.Nixon More Now Than Ever - ISM
6.You - THE COLD
7.Twist The Blade - NON COMPOS MENTIS
8.Laundramat Loverboy - ACTIVE INGREDIENTS
9.Together - TESTORS
10.Siamese Lust - PLASTIC IDOLS
11.Avon Lady - THE FEEDERZ
12.The Money Will Roll Right In - FANG
13.No Such Thing - THE CLITBOYS
14.Ride The Wild - DESCENDENTS
15.Overkill - FALSE PROPHETS
16.Masochist Ice Cream Men On Drugs - BOBBY SOXX & THE TEENAGE QUEERS
17.Nip Drivers - NIP DRIVERS
18.Teen Love - NO TREND

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  1. Hello, thank you for featuring this comp which arouses my curiosity!