Thursday, January 26, 2023

V/A - Lung Cookies (A National Collection) 1983

All right friends, today one of the rarest records that exist on this planet and how many copies were pressed is unknown. What is certain is that it was never re-released and acquiring it in mint quality with the 12-page (photocopied) insert with full page from each band will cost you a few euros. This awesome compilation features eleven bands from the States and was made via Amphetamine Reptile record label owner Tom Hazelmyer and is a joint release between Smoked Seven Records (California) and 'Your Flesh' fanzine (Minnesota), 'Lung Cookies' logo created by Pushead. This babe is a find on my hard drive and how I come to this now, well... while searching for the perfect wave I would say. This sweetheart wants to be discovered and I wish you a pleasant listening pleasure with much early Punk history & pre-grunge roots on this record.

1.Is This The Way? - 10 MINUTE WARNING
2.Judgement Day - 10 MINUTE WARNING
3.Buried Alive - 10 MINUTE WARNING
4.Self Defeated - FINAL CONFLICT
5.Why Me/Rage And Frustration - FINAL CONFLICT
7.Law & Weather Rut - GROUND ZERO
8.No Marine Recruit - GROUND ZERO
9.Struggle - REJECTORS
10.Anti-Patriot - REJECTORS
11.The End - REJECTORS
12.Velvet Emporer - OTTO'S CHEMICAL LOUNGE
13.Shopping On Heroin - OTTO'S CHEMICAL LOUNGE
14.Reggae For The Rich - BOY ELROY
15.Not Now Generation - RF7
16.Submit To Them Freely - RF7
17.Deprogramed - WILLFUL NEGLECT
19.Social Fuck - RED MEAT
20.Power Of The Minds - RED MEAT
21.Another Day - RED MEAT
22.White World - RED MEAT
23.Icky Bitch - SACRED ORDER
24.She Kills Me - SACRED ORDER
25.The Right To Be Poor And Radical - SACRED ORDER
26.Parties' Over Now - NO THANKS


  1. Including the many BCT comps, this is one of the very best...

  2. Final Conflict is a good band to my ear holes