Sunday, January 22, 2023

THE IGNERENTS - Woodbines Tears & Jealousy 1997

Seventeen years later than planned, the British Ignerents released their first full length in 2017 on Rundown Records. Formed in Kent 1977, the bands only vinyl release to date was the Radio Interference 7Inch from 1979 and two songs at the First Offenders compilation. After drummer Stan died in a car accident in 1981, the band renamed themselves the Beekeepers and recorded another single. After the former bassist Chris died in 1994, the remaining band members decided to sift through and secure the band's musical legacy and with this fourteen song album, many unreleased, they carefully finished the selection and made it available to us freaks and the result is a powerful, dynamic selection of strong, energetic songs just the way I love them. And it's great to listen to. Limited to 600 pieces, so hurry up if you want a copy and in any case: perfect for the 3:00 pm beer, Cheers!


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